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Living Well Is Possible For You And Your Family


Living Well is Feeling Good Inside and Out.

 -Mentally, Physically and Spiritually

-Having All the Energy to Live your Best Life

-A Joyful, Peaceful Mind and Spirit

Free Hollistic Health Kit

  • Beauty Foods Guide – Super foods for inside out beauty

  • Go Organic Guide – Learn whats HAS to be organic and whats ok conventional..

  • Cooking Tips Cheat Sheet – Advice for a healthy kitchen and a happy cook!

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  • Customizable menus, shopping lists and delicious, family-friendly recipes

  • Exercise videos and personalized workout plans for every age group and ability

  • Daily tips and access to experts 24 hours a day

  • A community of real people with real challenges supporting you

  • Monthly coaching with your choice of Dieticians, Fitness Experts, Life Coaches and/or Christian Counselors

  • Discounts to our exclusive Wellness Challenges to kick start your journey



Our real food menus are like medicine for your body

We focus on quality over quantity – no calorie counting here

Staying physically active

Get active on your terms with our workout videos and fitness tracking tools.

Having a positive attitude

Without faith we are hopeless, but with faith nothing is impossible

Robin Testimonial (1)

“V Well pinpoints the nutritional deficiencies that are behind the symptoms you are experiencing, suggesting what to eat to remedy it!”


Nicole Testimonial3

“In two months, I noticed my stomach was flatter and my teeth and gums are healthier than in years past. All thanks to a healthier diet! Thanks V Well!”


Tara Testimonial2

“I feel more energetic, my migraines went away, and I lost 35 pounds in 3 months. V Well makes healthy cooking fast and easy!”



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Vicky DeRosa is a mom, gourmet cook, entrepreneur, and lover of all things healthy. In 2004, after going blind, she was diagnosed with a genetic disease that – purportedly – has no treatment or cure. By the grace of God and her knowledge of health, she regained the majority of her sight. Now she and her son are on a mission to spread hope, health, and healing around the globe.