About Us

Welcome to our page we are so happy you are here. What you are about to discover is what I have found to be the best way to live. You will discover the secret to always looking and feeling younger, lose weight, and preventing illness. With all the crazy workout plans, fad diets, and confusing information about health out there, who knows where to turn for truth? Here at V Well Health we will show you that living healthy is a lifestyle and has nothing to do with counting calories or points.

V Well Health wants to help you discover that:

  • Permanent weight control has nothing to do with dieting

  • Feeling great is not as elusive as it seems

  • Medications are not a necessary part of daily life

  • Looking and feeling younger is not just attainable – it is easy!


PMI1Our mission is to inspire as many people as we can reach globally to live well from the inside out. Our goal is to teach people how they think, eat and move determines how they will look, feel, and live. We strive to provide people with the power source so that the rest of their lives are the best of their lives.


Healthy Food ShoppingIn December of 2004 I was diagnosed with an incurable genetic disease that left me blind. When the doctor’s told me I would never regain my eyesight, I knew I had to make a choice, accept my fate or take control of my life. I set my own course for recovery through good nutrition, exercise, and plenty of faith. Miraculously, I was successful in regaining my eyesight back. It was through this traumatic event that I discovered my true passion and calling in life.  I hope to inspire others that living a healthy lifestyle does not have to be as difficult, stressful, or time consuming as they may think. Everything I have learned about using a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle as preventive medicine, I have threaded into the values of the V Well Health program.

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“For over 12 years I considered myself a health conscious person. I counted calories, fat types, and carbs along with only drinking water. I chewed sugar-free gum multiple times a day to limit snacking and sugary hard candy. I discussed my diet with Vicky and discovered the gum had to go. In two months, I noticed my stomach was flatter. I recently visited the dentist who raved about my oral health. My gums and teeth are healthier than in years past. He attributed the improvement to a healthy diet and elimination of gum. Thanks to Vicky & V Well Health, I have more to smile about.”
“I used to constantly struggle with my energy levels and suffer from severe migraine headaches. For years I felt tired and sluggish. Even though I had tried many diets, I struggled to take off weight. The V Well program made healthy cooking fast and easy. Health coaches helped me stay on track and were there along the way to answer my questions. After just a short time, I had started to feel more energetic, my migraines went away, and I lost a total of 35 pounds in 3 months. I will never go back. V Well Health is my lifestyle forever.”