Say Goodbye to Counting Calories or Tracking Points.

Our delicious meal plans and fitness tools help you achieve your health goals easily.

Finally… A Lifestyle Program That Works Regardless of Age or Size!


We know you’re busy with kids, work, school and life in general … so we designed our health portal to be simple and fun. Whether you’re starting from square one in the kitchen or the gym, or you just want a little extra support and guidance on your health journey, V Well health has created the perfect program for you. 

Watch a preview of our online portal to see how simple healthy living can be for you!

Cooking Coach

Cook delicious, healthy meals without the stress of planning! New weekly meal plans and shopping lists to take all the guesswork and planning out of healthy eating!

Fitness Trainer

Get fit with workouts created by the experts, even from home! Whether you are in need of guidance and inspiration to exercise, or a fitness enthusiast looking for that personal-trainer touch.

Health Coach

Our coaches are there with you every step of the way! Following our program, you’ll notice improved energy and skin health, a trimmer and toner body, and an overall healthier you!

Cooking Coach

V Well Health’s Cooking Coach provides weekly menus and shopping lists to take all the guesswork and planning out of healthy eating! As an excellent cook, mother of two, and extreme health nut, V Well Health founder Vicky DeRosa is no stranger to providing delicious and nutritious meals on a budget, which are exactly the type of meals you’ll find in Cooking Coach.

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Fitness Trainer

V Well Health’s Fitness Trainer makes fitting in a quality workout as easy and convenient as possible, so excuses are a thing of the past.

  • Take an exercise class anytime, anywhere

  • Compete in health challenges

  • Sync with your favorite mobile apps and devices


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Health Coach

V Well’s team of Health Coaches are here to support and guide you through you wellness journey.  We understand what it’s like to try and fit healthy living into your real life and we’re here to help you navigate the path to a happier, healthier you with:

  • Personalized advice and recommendations

  • Support and guidance

  • Accountability

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