I do have many loved ones who do not – how shall I say this- practice as strict of eating habits as I do. I know that the reasons for this are their lack of time and other situations that make it very difficult to pass up an easy meal when they have the chance for one. In general, I would say that occasional meals that aren’t exceptionally nutritious are, of course, ok. But I really have to come down a little hard on deli meats. You see, processed meats such as lunch meats, most sausages, hot dogs, etc are full of nitrates and nitrites that cause any number of ailments from headaches to sinus infections. I ┬ájust can’t handle seeing the people I care about frequently ill because they don’t have time to grill their own chicken for sandwiches.

You can do your own research on why deli meats wreak such havoc on our bodies, but just to give you a little picture here are just a few of the issues processed, cured and oh so convenient lunch meats can cause.



Sinus infection

Water retention

Listeria (especially harmful for pregnant women and unborn babies)

Immune deficiency

Development of carcinogens

That’s just to name a few, folks. So here’s what I’m going to do. For you students, two job workers, single moms, or just all around busy people, here is a go to guide of easy, fast and cost efficient foods to pick up on the go or make quickly!

  • Hummus, avocado and tomato sandwich with almonds on the side
  • Grilled chicken on salad (you can buy pre-cooked grilled chicken or grill a few chicken breasts yourself when you have the time to store in the refrigerator for up to a week.)
  • Falafel! If you have a good falafel place near you, this is a much better option than a sub.
  • Almond butter and banana sandwich. You can even pick up all natural potato chips to snack on along side if you like.
  • Burritos. Places like Chipoltle specialize in all natural ingredients such as hormone free chicken. It’s fast, easy and fairly healthy.
  • Carry around snacks! A sandwich bag of almonds or walnuts could save you from caving and buying the first hot-dog or deli sandwich you see.