Meet our Founder and Chief Health Officer, Vicky DeRosa

Vicky DeRosa

Vicky DeRosa, Founder and CHO of  V Well Health, knows the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. In August 2004 she lost most of her eyesight to a rare disease that causes abrupt and permanent blindness – and was told it was only a matter of time before she became completely blind. Instead of accepting her diagnosis, Vicky set her own course for recovery through faith and healthy living. In a development that confounded doctors, she regained much of her sight, and it continues to improve today.

As a result of her journey, Vicky left her successful construction management business and opened a health and fitness studio in Colts Neck, NJ to share her passion for healthy living. From hosting spin classes to cooking demos, Vicky was very happy with her new career in health and wellness. In 2010, Vicky partnered with her oldest son and fellow health nut, Ray DeRosa, to morph the studio into an “online health club” with the goal of making it as easy and affordable for absolutely anyone, anywhere, to live a healthy life.

Today Vicky spends the majority of her time speaking in public about health and wellness in order to empower as many people as she can to live healthier. She has appeared on Princeton Television where she hosted the series All About Health,, and Women’s Living Magazine. Vicky frequently conducts speaking engagements at medical centers and conferences around the world. Her hobbies include decorating and gourmet cooking, as well as avidly writing about her best health tips in her blog. Vicky is the mother of two sons who mean the world to her.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip millions of people globally with the power source to feeling better and living longer. We want to empower people with the knowledge that living fabulously can only come from the inside – mind, body, and spirit. We want to touch millions of lives around the world and teach every single person that how they think, eat, and move will determine how they will look, feel and live. Our mission is to help make the rest of your lives the best of your lives.


As an company V Well Health works with groups such as hospitals, law firms and financial organizations to help employees fit health and wellness into their work-life balance.

V Well has partnered with Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey for the last 4 years in a concerted effort to help make the hospital’s employees happier and healthier. Through a combination of our highly popular health challenges, access to our online health portal, health coaching, presentations, and workshops we have seen a tremendous improvement not just in the numbers (weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass), but in the excitement and buzz about wellness among employees.

V Well has seen similar success in cultivating a culture of wellness at Peconic Bay Medical Center in New York. In our Walk to New Orleans challenge, the group racked up a total of 97,000,000 steps or 48,000 miles – that’s twice around the world! This tremendous success was made possible by changing things on a fundamental level to encourage more movement throughout the day: installation of a walking track, decals near elevators reminding people to take the stairs, walking meetings, and the formation of walking, running and biking groups.

V Well Health has also done many talks, presentations, and cooking and exercise demonstrations to for such organizations as Dorsey & Whitney LLP, the New Jersey Education Association, and the Employers Association of NJ. Popular topics include:

  • Principles of healthy eating

  • Meal preparation

  • Smart choices for dining out and business travel

  • The Fountain of Youth

  • Children’s health

  • Lessons from the centenarians around the world

  • Stress management

  • Vision health

  • Diabetes management

  • Exercise

On a personal level, Vicky DeRosa works with people around the world. People who have issues with blindness, cancer, diabetes, and so many other health concerns seek out her special brand of health coaching that combines her knowledge of and passion for real, authentic health information with faith in it’s most pure form and the belief that miracles can happen – as they have happened to her. This powerful combination has helped her to help others regain their sight, fight cancer, manage their diabetes without medication, and so much more.

Our Partners

Vicky DeRosa

Vicky DeRosa in the News

Click on the image below to watch Vicky DeRosa in Joy in our Town. Jacqui Phillips, the host of the show, features Vicky on a segment on healthy eating. Discover simple strategies to live a healthy lifestyle!


Vicky DeRosa

Vicky’s story of regaining her eyesight featured in The Kind Life.

Vicky DeRosa


  • Pastor Adam – “Vicky DeRosa and V Well Health and wellness are not in the nutrition business, but the people business. In this day and age of automated service departments, where it’s impossible to speak to a human being, Vicky provides the personal touch to not simply serve the individual – but care for them. Vicky is not concerned about securing a client, but helping and healing a person. Her own personal story of overcoming adversity, not only inspires us, but fuels her passion to help people. Her plans work! I’ve learned so much from her and seen first hand the power of food and nutrition to not only heal but optimize life.”

  • Dimitra Venetsanapoulou, Nafplio, Greece – “For years, I was told by doctors that I would not be able to have a baby. They told me it was impossible. I was put in touch with V Well Health when we were on a trip to America from Greece. It turned out to be the best trip of our lives. The opportunity to work with V Well Health coaches helped me to get pregnant. I now have a beautiful baby boy and I am so grateful to V Well Health. They helped me with my nutrition, they helped me emotionally, and most of important they helped my husband and me start my family. I will be on the V Well Health lifestyle forever.”

  • Tara Panazzolo – “I used to constantly struggle with my energy levels and suffer from severe migraine headaches. For years I felt tired and sluggish. Even though I had tried many diets, I struggled to take off weight. The V Well program made healthy cooking fast and easy. Health coaches helped me stay on track and were there along the way to answer my questions. After just a short time, I had started to feel more energetic, my migraines went away, and I lost a total of 35 pounds in 3 months. I will never go back. V Well Health is my lifestyle forever.”

  • Adrianna –  “I decided I needed to do something and take control of myself. With my doctor on my case and not feeling energetic, I needed some help. I’ve tried and failed so many times I was losing hope fast. Vicky and her team were so passionate, and I could tell they really cared about what they were telling me. So at that point I decided to listen to them and apply their ideas to my diet and see what happened. What I’m finding is that I am actually eating more and I lost weight at the same time. V Well has been such a huge help educating me and teaching me how to eat better and feel better.”

  • Pastor Trevon, Hope Cathedral, NJ – “Vicky not only understands health, wellness and nutrition, she also knows how to present it in an electrifying and meaningful way. If you want to be inspired how to live a better life then Vicky DeRosa is your person.”

  • Fatima E. Covino, Ph.D., NJ – “Vicky DeRosa is a breath of fresh air in the health and nutrition industry! Her extensive knowledge, down-to-earth approach and engaging presentation skills appeal to a wide audience, from the busy CEO to the young, state-at-home mom. Vicky provides us with healthy living tips that draw from evidence-based research and timeless wisdom. She draws you in, inspires, and motivates!”

  • Kostas Theofanides, Partner at projectyou, Greece – “Vicky is another quality of human. She establishes a warm and magnetic contact with the audience. From her, the audience derives the inspiration, courage and motivation to overcome health, mental and stress problems. Looking and listening to Vicky, even the more pragmatists, as me, start to believe that angels may live on Earth among us.”

  • John Nelson – “Vicky is amazing, she listens to each client’s story with an open heart, and with full motivation to guide them into complete health and wellness. She is passionate about educating people about the harmful things we are exposed to today in the Standard American Diet. She is compassionate, as she shares her own struggle, faith, and victories. Her natural approach to healing helped me emotionally and physically in a time when illness had overcome my life. I appreciate Vicky beyond words, I believe God used her and will continue to use her in great ways to help people and bring glory to his name. I recommend V Well Health to anyone in need of a healthier lifestyle that will incorporate mind, body, and spirit.”

  • Jillian Nelson (John’s wife) – “Vicky, I wanted to reach out to you today and say “Thank you”. I feel your presence in John’s life is a direct gift from our Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for your heart, help, support, prayers, and encouragement through all that John is facing. So thank you for all you have done and continue to do, we appreciate you more than words can say.”

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