Every question you’ve ever had about healthy eating and healthy living answered – in person. Have our health guru and fearless leader Vicky come to your home for a complete Health, Mindfulness, or Mind, Body, Spirit workshop.

Ask your health coach which program is best for you:


  • Extreme Pantry Makeover, Healthy Pantry list
  • Vicky will personally show you her tried and true method of planning for, shopping for, and preparing healthy meals
  • Personalized health coaching
  • All of your health questions answered not just by conversation, but by demonstration


  • Learn how the mind works and how it relates to your well being
  • Find out how you can be more present
  • Your thinking and thoughts can have a huge impact on your life. Don’t let it be negative.

Mind, Body Spirit

  • Comprehensive workshop focusing on physical and mental health, while touching on spirituality
  • Explore how faith can improve ones frame of mind
  • Find comfort in the fact that we have come from somewhere and we are going somewhere

Group rates are also available. Please email info@vwellhealth.com for information on group workshops.