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Get a kitchen makeover from our Founder and resident health guru


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4 weeks to a new you. Slim down, detox or get gorgeous - the choice is yours!


Work 1 on 1 with our Founder and resident Health Guru Vicky DeRosa and get life-changing results.

After working with Vicky I learned what true health really is. She created a health plan and helped me organize my kitchen and my schedule so that I could stick to it without a second thought. She made what I thought was a very hard thing to do extremely easy” – Nancy


Comprehenisve Health Workshops

Every question you’ve ever had about healthy eating and healthy living answered – in person. Have our health guru and fearless leader Vicky come to your home for a comprehensive workshop. She’ll show you what to toss, what to buy, how to organize it, and how to prepare it, plus give you total support along the way. After a few days with Vicky you’ll be left with a happier, healthier home for life.

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A little healthy competition never hurt anyone…

  • Stay motivated by competing against yourself and other contestants
  • Earn points for all the ways you get fitter and healthier
  • Everyone wins the grand prize: a happier, healthier you
Ready, Set, Go!

Happier, Healthier You Challenge

Follow along with Vicky on her quest to get back in beach season shape in 12 weeks. With our delicious healthy meal plans and trainer developed workouts you’ll be sitting pretty in that beach chair in no time! Plus, get an insider look at a day in the life of our resident health guru as she shares everything from her trips to the grocery store to her favorite beauty secrets.

What You Get:

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Bridal Beauty Boot Camp – Mother/Daughter

Kick it into high gear and join the Bridal Beauty Boot Camp. This is the best way to get in shape for your big day. Vicky will work with the bride to be and her mother leading up to the day of the wedding. You’re both going to look fabulous. People might even confuse the mother for the sister!

This includes the V Well Program with increased coaching sessions for $1,600* (Normally $2,000).
*Additional coaching sessions can be added for a fee.

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What Client’s Say

“Throughout the entire three months, V Well has been essential in helping me achieve my goals. They provided a vast array of online tools. They make themselves available via email 24/7. Their online database of food coaching tools, exercise plans and tutorials, as well as recipe books allowed me to determine the foods I should be buying at the grocery store, meals I could prepare that I could actually enjoy while staying on track, and even helped me decide what I would be doing at the gym on a daily basis. I would receive several emails a week with little pointers and tips, all of which were very useful in everyday life. I would learn that some of the foods I was eating because I thought they were healthy were not as helpful as advertised. They really gave me all the tools I needed to be successful and, thank God, I was. More important than anything else, they proved to me that there are diet/exercise programs that you can create for yourself that will actually work without you feeling like you’re suffering. After a while, it began to even feel effortless. Eventually, I found myself looking forward to going to the gym every day and what I would be eating afterwards. Thank you everyone at V Well Health for all the great work you’re doing.”
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Give us the next 28 days. Get a new you.

  • Get everything you need to make the next 4 weeks your best 4 weeks
  • Our easy to follow plans make it easy for you to succeed
  • Get extra guidance and support from our team of health coaches

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28 Day Detox

Out with the bad, in with the good! Rid your body of toxins and chemicals while nourishing it with all of the magic nature has to offer.

What you get…

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28 Days To Slim & Trim

You’ll be sitting pretty in that lounge chair in no time! Say goodbye to crash diets for good. Slim down by fueling up the right way – no hunger pangs necessary.

What you get…

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28 Days to Get Gorgeous

Did you know that some of the best beauty products can be found right at your local supermarket? What you put in your body is just as important – if not more so – than what you put on it. This 28 day program will get you gorgeous from the inside out – because beauty is so much more than skin deep.

What you get…

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Success Story

I wouldn’t say I was “unhealthy”, but I definitely felt like I could be taking better care of myself. I couldn’t seem to get rid of those last 15 pounds, and when I looked in the mirror, I started to feel like a much older woman was looking back at me. I was in a rut. It was a constant struggle to get a good meal on the table for me and my family. I was always either picking up something quick like takeout, or making the same recipes over and over again. And forget about finding time for exercise. I was tired all the time. I would toss and turn throughout the night, and I would wake up in the morning not feeling rejuvenated. I had headaches from being so tired all the time. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I thought I was pretty healthy. I kept track of calories, did the whole low-fat thing, and only ate wheat bread. I would have sugar-free desserts if I wanted something sweet. I must have tried every diet program out there. They all worked for a while, but within a few weeks of going off them, the weight would come right back on. Then I started with V Well Health and I’ve never looked back. Their meal plans and shopping lists helped me get organized. Now I go grocery shopping once a week. I know what I’m going to make for dinner every night, and I always have all the ingredients on hand. It feels so good to be able to put a good, wholesome meal on the table for my kids every night – a meal that they actually eat and enjoy. And I’m saving money too! I thought healthy food would be expensive, but it turns out prepackaged convenience items and take-out food is more expensive than you think. Getting organized gave me time to start exercising again too. And with V Well Health’s online workout videos, I can exercise at home, with no gym membership and no travel time. What’s more, I learned to look at health in a whole new way. I learned that real, authentic health is so much more than a number on the scale. I learned how to read a food label. I learned about chemicals and preservatives in foods, and why they are bad for me and my kids. After a few months of being on the V Well Health Program I feel like a whole new woman. I look and feel better than ever. I lost 15 pounds without ever feeling hungry or feeling like I was on a diet. My skin looks refreshed and vibrant. People keep telling me I look 10 years younger! Plus, my headaches are gone, and I have more energy than I ever thought possible. I had no idea what I was missing! I would recommend this program to anyone who feels like they need a 25th hour in their day. V Well Health has given me that and so much more! They have made cooking fun and easy again, and I love that everyone keeps telling me how great I look – it never gets old! V Well has become a way of life in our household. I’ll never go back to my old ways. Why would I when this is so easy? – Kathy, Colts Neck NJ

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