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My Top 5 Ways to Keep From Gaining Weight This Holiday!

1. The best tip I know is to constantly wear tight-fitting pants, scalebecause loose clothing will not help you watch the calories. In fact, even around the house, wear tight-fitting clothes and you won’t be reaching for the cookies on the counter.
2. Don’t save your appetite for the party; eat something healthy before you go.
3. Know how to navigate the party table. Always reach for the crudites. Be careful with dips as many are loaded with calories – better to reach for the hummus, salsa, and dips that contain beans.
4. You don’t have to avoid the dessert table but search for some dark chocolate on the table to satisfy that sweet tooth.
5. Remember to limit the drinking, or else you won’t care what you’re eating! Keep drinking lots of water – it will help you keep your cool and fill your tummy.

And as always, preparing your own meals is one of the best ways to stay truly healthy, so I want to remind you that the new menus are up in Cooking Coach!


Ask Vicky

sodaQ. I recently read a Pepsi article that said you have to drink like 20 cans a day for aspartame to really be dangerous. What do you think about this?

A. Let’s not take any chances! I’ve heard that statement before and here are my thoughts. Are they speaking about adults that are 200+ pounds? What happens to a young child who drinks a few cans a day? What about people who also drink diet soda and eat “sugar-free” foods and gum and get aspartame and other toxins in so many other ways aside from soda? In my opinion, any “food” that is toxic on any level should be cut out completely.


Weekly Readkindcures

If you’ve been following me on Facebook and Twitter you’ll know that Alicia Silverstone’s thekindlife.com just published a feature on me! Check it out – Kind Cures: Vicky DeRosa Regains Eyesight. Alicia Silverstone is such an amazing role model for healthy living and I am very honored!

Weekly Inspiration

father son“This is my wish for you: peace of mind, prosperity through the year, happiness that multiplies, health for you and yours, fun around every corner, energy to chase your dreams, joy to fill your holidays!”
D.M. Dellinger

To all my readers, I wish you the merriest, happiest, healthiest holiday season and may God bless you and your families!


What’s New With Vickyxmas tree

I’m happy to let everyone know that my eyes have been doing better – from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for all the nice messages and prayers.

My recent weeks have been fun-filled with family and friends and the holiday spirit. These are especially great months to come up with activities and projects that bring people together, from decorating the tree to homemade group dinners to last minute shopping trips. Everyday things can be so nice to do when you’re sharing it with others. This picture is of my tree, which I so much enjoyed that my son could join me to decorate!

Health and Beauty Tips of the Week

vitamin b complex(1) For a boost in daily energy, take your vitamin B Complex in the morning after breakfast! That’s when I take it. In fact, in the past when I’ve forgotten to take it in the morning and instead taken it at night, I’ll have some trouble falling and staying asleep, which shows how much energy vitamin B Complex gives me!



(2) Here’s a makeup tip to get that perfect finished look on your eyes that won’t smear. And by the way, this works on every gal! I learned this fantastic tip from a makeup artist years ago when I was modeling, and have used it ever since. First, place a neutral-color eye shadow on the lid. Then use liquid eyeliner (preferably black) to line your eyelid as close to your lashes as you can – the line should be about medium thickness. Give it a minute or two to dry completely. Now, take an eye pencil – brown or burgundy works well with most eye colors – and apply it directly over the liner. This technique does a few things: it will ensure no smudging, it will soften the look of the liner, and it will last all day until you remove it! It also will give you a dramatic look. I guarantee people will ask you how you did such a great job with your eye liner! This technique is especially handy for me because, being legally blind, it doesn’t much matter if you apply the liquid liner perfectly or not as the pencil helps to hide a non-perfect line! Alright, enjoy your holiday festivities and let me know if you try my tip from a makeup artist!


This Week’s Featured Workoutworkout

Your Perfect Body Workout Video!

I’ve been running around like crazy this holiday season and I bet many of you are, too! Being busy is great for keeping our bodies moving but it also leaves less time to fit in a rigorous workout. That said, I like V Well Health Fitness Trainer’s Your Perfect Body workout video because it’s a “total body conditioning workout that targets all your major muscles” and allows you to “get more done in less time and see quicker results”!

And remember, you can watch Fitness Trainer workout videos along with your favorite music playlists to liven up your workouts!


Happy holidays!

Peace and Blessings,